Payment & delivery

Terms of payment depend on the history of interaction with our company.
For new customers, the company issues goods only on the basis of 100% prepayment.
Companies with which we have permanent contractual relations, work on individual terms for payment of goods.
In any case, if you want to purchase the goods, or use the services of our company, please contact us. We always try to find the conditions for mutually beneficial relations.
Payment is made by bank transfer to the company account. The reason for the payment is the invoice issued by Altyntech. To expedite the processing of your order after payment, you can send us a copy of the payment document, in confirmation of your payment. Otherwise, our manager will contact you after receipt of payment to the company's current account.

Terms of delivery.
Delivery of goods is carried out anywhere in Kazakhstan, to the customer's warehouse.
Delivery time depends on the goods. On average, the delivery time is 10-14 days.
In order to clarify the delivery time, please contact our managers, they will help you to more accurately orient yourself according to the terms, depending on the nomenclature you need.