Video walls

DLP screens

Projection DLP-cubes are one of the best offers on the market in terms of price to quality ratio. Modern modular design, ease of installation and extensive functionality make them indispensable for use in dispatch situation centers, control and monitoring centers, emergency services, etc.

LCD screens

Specialized seamless LCD panels are a common standard for building video walls. The most "popular" sizes are 47 and 55 inches. Modern LCD panels allow you to build video walls with an seam thickness up to 3.7 mm, have high brightness, contrast and resolution, as well as a large viewing angle. These indicators lead not only to the possibility of creating solid homogeneous quality images, but also provide astonishing detail of the picture.

  • Main screen sizes: 40", 45", 47", 55", 70", 82" DLP screen features:
    24/7 continuous operation.
    Long continuous service life due to the introduction of LED light sources
    Resistant to long-term display of static video information
    Seamless connection gap ≤ 0.2mm
    Intelligent color and brightness adjustment
    Laser and LED backlighting

Special versions: Front or rear access to LED video cubes Curved video wall

  • Basic screen sizes: 4:3 50", 60", 67", 70", 80", 84", 16:9 50", 60", 70 LCD screen features
  • Industrial Performance Screen
    24/7 continuous operation with dynamic images
    Direct LED backlight with low power consumption
    Wide 178° viewing angle
    No burn-in of screen areas in case of static image (in comparison to plasma panels)
    Narrow bezel (compared to conventional LCD)
    Thin and light body
    FHD resolution (1920 x 1080), high contrast and high brightness
Special versions: Video wall with front access Touch screen Curved screen

What we offer

Altyntech LLP is the official dealer of Triolion - China's leading manufacturer and installer of Collective video screens (video walls).Company Altyntech offers you a full range of services for the calculation, delivery and installation of equipment for video walls.

  • 1. Consultation and selection of options
  • 2. Preliminary cost calculation
  • 3. Equipment delivery
  • 4. Mounting
  • 5. Equipment tune-up
  • 6. Warranty service
  • 7. Post warranty service..

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